On 5th April 2022, the GENESIS project organised the future of industrial carbon capture conference.

From innovation to policy to industry, this conference will discuss the future of industrial carbon capture. Featuring speakers from R&D, policy and industrial backgrounds this event will give you a chance to catch up with some of the latest trends and practical developments within the CCUS world. This conference features the culmination of the GENESIS Horizon 2020 project, which upscaled IPOSS and MOF membrane systems which have been demonstrated in a live industrial setting.

Featuring Adam Dicken (LEITAT), Chris Bolesta (CCUS policy team leader at DG Energy), Marcel Boerrigter (LEITAT), Per Brevik (Heidelberg Cement), Thijs Peters (SINTEF AS),  Farzaneh Radmanesh (University of Twente), Alexander Wentzel (SINTEF Industry), Romain Viguier (Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage),  Albert Guisasola i Canudas (UAB) and Yvonne van Delft (TNO)

If you couldn’t see the event live, you can watch it here.

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