About the project

GENESIS develops and upscales the most promising material for CO2 capture and demonstrate their performance, durability and reliability in industrially relevant and operational environments.

The materials that will be developed and upscaled within the GENESIS project are IPOSS (polyPOSSimide hybrid organic-inorganic) and MOF (Metal-organic framework) membrane systems with great performance for CO2 capture.

The membranes have a high gas permselectivity and stability at elevated temperatures and can be produced at a large scale. The nanostructured materials like MOF and POSS can be tailored to obtain suitable membrane selectivity and permeability characteristics.

How to separate CO2

Two geometriesof thin film composites
CO2 Separation through IPOSS

For pre-combustion applications

CO2 Separation through MOFs

For post-combustion applications

On-Going Progress